Gary West

Corporate Advisor

Chamber of Commerce

Gary became a Director of the Albury Wodonga Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ltd on 21st April 1993. This company eventually became the Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce Ltd on 7th July 2006. Gary remained a Director until 12th November 2009, when he stepped down from the board, a continuous period of approximately 16 ½ years.


In the interposing years, Gary actively represented the Albury Chamber in many cross border organisations.  Gary was appointed a foundation Director on 4th June 1997 of Investment Albury Wodonga Ltd, which commenced a collaborative peak regional tourism and industry attraction function, in conjunction with the Albury and Wodonga Councils, from 1st July 1997.  This entity subsequently was renamed Albury Wodonga Business Ltd and Gary finally resigned as a Director on 7th November 2014.


Following the change of functions from Investment Albury Wodonga Ltd, the two Chambers of Commerce reformed in both Albury and Wodonga in 2006.


Around this time, Gary became the Chair of the Albury Chamber of Commerce, for a four-year period from mid-2004 until December 2008.


In reinvigorating the Chamber, Gary received special mention for his leadership and vision and recognition for his drive and passion to the Albury business community.


Gary is still an active contributor to the local Chambers of Commerce.

AWDC Land Bank Advisory Committee

Gary was appointed as a NSW community representative to the Working Group on the recommendation of Ms Sussan Ley, Federal Member for Farrer.


In May 2003 the Minister for Finance, Senator Nick Minchin, announced that there would be a Scoping study into the future of the AWDC.


On 17 December 2004, under amendments to the Administrative Arrangements Order, responsibility for administering the Albury-Wodonga Development Act 1973 transferred to the Finance and Administration Portfolio.  This transfer reflected the change in the Australian Government’s approach to regional development and the Australian Government’s intention that the Corporation be wound-up.


On 26 June 2005, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Finance and Administration, the Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP, the responsible Minister for the Corporation, announced the outcome of the Australian Government’s consideration of the scoping study into the future of the Corporation. 


This announcement reflected that the Corporation would now focus on the disposal of varying sized land parcels to private sector property developers in an orderly and market sensitive way over the next ten or so years, and that the Corporation will exit its land development business in the shorter term. 


Dr Stone also announced that a new Advisory Committee would be formed to help advise the Corporation’s Board, with the Committee including representatives from the two local governments, the business sector and community groups.

On the endorsement of Ms Ley and with the considered experience from participation on the Working Party, Gary was appointed to the Albury-Wodonga Land Disposal Advisory Committee.  The inaugural meeting of the Advisory Committee was held on 31st October 2005.  


The purpose of the Advisory Committee was to provide advice to the AWDC on its long-term land disposal strategy, in relation to the interests of the region and the equitableness of an orderly land disposal process for its undeveloped land. 


Gary remained an active member of the Advisory committee until his resignation, effective 26th October 2009.


Over the four years of the Advisory committee and six ½ years since the formation of the initial Working Group, Gary played an important oversight role working with the AWDC on the impact of the program for the sale of the remaining developed lots and orderly disposal program for the undeveloped land.  The significant land release and sale, without any negative impact on local land prices or on the local regional economy, is reflective of the success of the AWDC program and that of the role of the Advisory committee structure. 


Gary agreed to become an Ambassador of Arts Albury in early 2014. 

Working with senior staff from Albury City Council and the Albury Regional Art Gallery, Arts Albury comprised a group of successful business and corporate professionals that believed the future growth of Albury as a major regional centre, was dependent on strong investment into creative and cultural communities and infrastructure.

The purpose of Arts Albury was to help establish and cultivate relationships with key supporters and prospective supporters for the Arts in Albury.  The initial focus was a philanthropic capital flow into the new Murray Art Gallery Albury (‘MAMA’) development in central Albury, which was formally opened in late September 2015.

Gary has been a central proponent to the fund raising and philanthropic capital raising, seeking business and community support for the new MAMA Gallery.

Tasked with the responsibility to raise $1.050m in philanthropic funding, the Arts Albury group achieve a final fund raising effort in excess of $1.6m, far in excess of initial expectations from both the Council and the wider community.


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