Gary West

Corporate Advisor


Industry Expertise: Business advisory


Gary has industry expertise and operational strengths in the
following areas of industry activity:


Property & real estate

Real estate – commercial and residential

Building and construction – commercial and residential  


Transport and Logistics/distribution

Bus public routes, bus tours, general freight, logging, line haul heavy haulage, passenger airline, ice cream, hair products, seafood and crash supplies



Engineering, steel fabrication, glass, joinery, farm gates, vertical carousels,
silos, storage systems, farm implements


Tyre retailers, medical GP and specialists, veterinarians; pharmacists, plant hire operations; food and beverage, including, accommodation, hotels, motels, registered clubs, takeaway food shops, coffee lounges and restaurants; and various retail


Over the past 20 years, Gary has operated as an advisory partner to a large
privately owned client base by the provision of the following:

  • Strategy and future direction

  • Board structures and input/participation 

  • Strong governance and transparent decision making processes 

  • Agreed organisational values, skills & behaviours 

  • People development 

  • Funding and capital management planning

  • Stakeholder reporting 

  • Financial reporting information reporting and review against KPI/Budgets 

  • Exit strategies, and 

  • Wealth accumulation plans

Industry Expertise: CHPSL Property


Crowe Horwath Property Securities Ltd (‘CHPSL’) operates under an Australian
Financial Services Licence (AFSL 247427). CHPSL acts as a Registered Entity
(RE) and offers investment opportunities through the development or acquisition
of commercial property to wholesale/sophisticated investors.


Gary is the Responsible Manager for the CHPSL property syndication business
and operates the function across all Crowe Horwath offices Australia wide.  


The CHPSL business line comprises:

  • 26 current commercial property syndicates

  • 7 syndicates completed and funds returned to investors

  • $181,971,271 investment funds under management 


The business line offers commercial property investments focused on securing long leased assets and portfolios. This is achieved by a holistic approach to commercial investment. The objective is to achieve superior investment outcomes by managing
the quality, standard and returns from the assets. In addition, CHPSL works proactively with the tenant/s to ensure the property is providing the best trading conditions for them. This means more security for client’s investment.


CHPSL endeavours to mitigate and manage investment risks by;

  • a risk management framework utilising ISO31000:2009, whereby strong
    processes and reviews identify potential risk

  • a robust Corporate Governance review and approval process via the
    CHPSL Board and Findex Group Board, ensures that the property investments offered to our clients are consistently of a high standard

  • Sound investment management strategies

  • Extensive due diligence is undertaken on all property transactions

  • Strong tenant focussed asset management principals


The CHPSL role has seen Gary actively assist client’s dealings with respect to securities, managed investment schemes and property acquisitions and development.  Gary has a wide exposure to all forms of property development, including commercial, industrial and residential properties.  


As the Responsible Manager of CHPSL, Gary has specific competence
in the following areas of expertise:

  • feasibility and due diligence analysis

  • property acquisition modelling

  • property development, management and restructuring

  • capital management, debt/equity structures and lending and finance leverage terms

  • property trust and syndicate formation, including licencing and ASIC compliance

  • property management, lease structures, assets valuations and strategies to maximize investor returns

  • asset exit strategies 

  • advising on merger, divestment, and acquisition transactions

  • financial services business planning and wealth implementation strategies, and

  • investment reporting and investor liaison 


In addition to his CHPSL responsibilities, Gary has also developed
a significant private commercial property portfolio.